Why Direct-To-Garment Printing Is The Way To Go


Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is a method of placing designs on T-shirts and other types of products using a printer. There are several advantages of this method over other techniques, such as screen printing or iron-on transfers. Higher Quality DTG is essentially like using an ink-jet printer to print a color picture onto paper, but printing that same image onto fabric. Since this is done via a high-quality printer, there are almost endless color options that can be used on your garments and other products, unlike screen printing which only has a limited number of colors available.

23 March 2022

4 Top Features to Look For When Choosing a Copier Printer


Choosing the right copier for your office will make operations smoother and easier to manage. Excellent copiers keep your business running smoothly, and they save you time by automating all the print operations. Copiers make it easy for the employees to focus on other activities because they will not queue at the machine to get copies of the work. However, all these benefits will only come to you when you pick the ideal copier for your needs.

19 January 2022