Why Having A Book Printed As A Hardcover Book May Be Best


If you are going to be having your book printed, one of the many considerations you will have to make is whether you want to go with a paperback or a hardback cover for the book. There are advantages to both. However, this article is going to focus on the benefits of choosing a hardback cover for the printing of your book. Here is more on this: 

Hardcover books protect the pages better

It is so easy for a paperback book cover to be damaged. Not only is it a shame when the cover of the book is damaged, but it can also cause a problem for the pages within the book that the cover is supposed to help protect. Once the cover is damaged, then the pages are automatically going to be next. With a hardcover book, the cover will stay in better shape for much longer. Plus, the pages within the book will be much safer from all kinds of damage, from ripping to getting wet. 

Hardcover books offer different options

If you decide to go with a hardcover book, then you can have the actual cover embossed and not have a jacket for the book. This can be great because the book can have more of a classic look. Also, the cover can take much more wear and tear without the design on the cover starting to rub off. Or, you can choose to have a jacket printed if you want, and that will become the visible portion of the book. If someone wants to replace the jacket due to excessive wear in the future, then they may be able to have a replacement one printed easily enough. 

Hardcover books can look nicer

When someone is looking for some books to display on their coffee table, or in other visible areas of their home, a hardcover book will likely be what they want to go with. Hardcover books also look great when they are displayed in the bookcase. 

Hardcover books tend to work best for certain genres

Something else you may want to think about is the genre of your book. Some genres are often found in hardcovers, so you might want to follow suit. Some genres often known for being in hardcovers include business-related books, art-related books, collector's editions, and first-edition fiction books. However, you do want to be aware that you can have any genre printed as a hardcover book, as long as you feel it is the best choice for your book. 

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31 May 2022

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