Why Direct-To-Garment Printing Is The Way To Go


Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is a method of placing designs on T-shirts and other types of products using a printer. There are several advantages of this method over other techniques, such as screen printing or iron-on transfers.

Higher Quality

DTG is essentially like using an ink-jet printer to print a color picture onto paper, but printing that same image onto fabric. Since this is done via a high-quality printer, there are almost endless color options that can be used on your garments and other products, unlike screen printing which only has a limited number of colors available. Unlike screen printing or iron-on transfers, DTG ink is embedded into the fabric after it dries. This allows the garment to withstand many washes without the image cracking or peeling off. Due to the higher quality of DTG over other options, you are less likely to run into problems with customers being dissatisfied with the longevity of their garments. Additionally, you can print products in advance and not worry about the deterioration of the image if it stays in storage for a while.

Lower Cost

DTG printing is a more cost-effective option for several reasons. With traditional garment printing, you will likely need to make an estimate of how many T-shirts or other products you need and decide how many of each size you should purchase. There is no perfect science to this, and it often leaves you with too many of one size that you cannot sell and other sizes that run out quickly and need to be reordered. With DTG, you can buy garments in small batches with a quick turnaround time, whereas screen printing is far more labor-intensive and time-consuming. This will prevent you from having excess inventory and wasting your money. Depending on the workload of the business, a single shirt may be printed within an hour, allowing you to fill in gaps in your inventory quickly.


DTG printing can be done on many types of items beyond T-shirts, allowing you to have different items available to fit the unique needs of individuals. Canvas totes and drawstring backpacks are popular alternatives for people who don't want to wear advertising or unique designs. Another way to make garments more versatile is you can expand printing to other areas of short and long-sleeve T-shirts, by printing designs on the sleeves. Other garments you might want to incorporate are sweatshirts, hoodies, and tank tops.

Due to the quality and versatility of DTG printing, it is a better option than the traditional printing options, such as screen printing and iron-on transfers. DTG is also ideal for small batches of products to keep your upfront costs low while allowing you to create high-quality garments.

For more information on direct-to-garment printing shirts, contact a garment printing company in your area. 


23 March 2022

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