5 Things Customers Ought To Know About Screen Printing


People, private organizations, and businesses all frequently use screen printing services. Customers should understand the screen printing process, though, to ensure they're getting the most for their dollar. You will want to know about these five things before you place an order. 

What the Process Is

Whenever a printer creates screens, they're making stencils. If a project calls for more than one color of ink, the printing company will create a separate screen for each layer of color. If you have a logo with a white background and black lettering on the front, for example, a screen printing services provider would need to make two screens.

Separations are important for mixing colors. Rather than blending the two inks, the screening printing firm blends them with small dots. If they place enough yellow and blue dots together, for example, they can make green. Using a handful of colors, a printer can produce a surprising array of results. Each color is a separation in the digital file, meaning there's a layer that shows which parts will go on a screen for each color.

Common Screen-Printed Products

Customers frequently use screen printing to produce T-shirts and jerseys. The process is also popular for signs, posters, and bags.


Every screen print has to go onto a substrate. This is a layer of at least one material that serves as the backing. You can use fabric, canvas, paper, cardboard, and plastic as substrates. The choice of materials will determine the durability of the product.

Match the substrate to your chosen application. For example, if you need something to last for years or even decades, you'll probably select canvas over a thinner fabric. Conversely, if you only need a printed item for a week, you might use relatively low-cost paper.

Color Choices and Costs

A customer's choice of colors will dictate a lot of the cost of a project. Each screen you add to the process requires time, labor, and ink. The ability to produce a high-quality product cheaply with one separation makes screen printing attractive for low-cost applications. Screening has been popular with small businesses and new bands for years because they can quickly produce quality merchandise.


If you know you're going to reorder products, a screen printing services company can catalog your project and keep it for reuse. This means the turnaround will be much shorter once you do additional production runs. The ease of reordering has made screen printing popular with many shops that sell souvenirs, sporting goods, and branded merchandise.

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29 December 2022

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