4 Options For Premium Mail Printing


For a company on a budget, mail printing may include black and white postcards or small mailers that get sent to various households. If you have a bigger budget and a little bit of a surplus, then you may seek out some of the more premium products to send in the mail.

A premium mail piece printing goes beyond just high-quality color prints. The products can include a wide range of advanced features and designs used to get a customer's attention. Check out some of the more advanced options that are ideal for larger promotional budgets.

1. Video Brochures

Text and pictures can provide a lot of information, but you can take your promotions one step further with the use of video brochures. A custom video brochure will include a cardboard case with your company's logo and information on the exterior of the box. When a person opens the box, the inside contains a small video screen and operational buttons.

The video content can include advertisements, promotional videos, and other content related directly to your promotion. The product will really stand out and allows you to pack in a lot of information with the video format. The video brochure controls allow a person to play the video multiple times and adjust the sound as needed.

2. Desktoppers

You have the option to mail out flat mail printing pieces that can pop out and turn into an item known as a desk topper. A desk topper can fold out and showcase a lot of information on each side of the printed material. The desk topper can include novelty features like a pen holder or a specific shape.

With the pop-up option, you can encourage people to not only open your content but also keep it on display and allow others to see the information as well.

3. Greeting Cards

Plan out holiday celebrations when you send premium greeting cards to your customer base. The cards can include high-quality graphics along with add-ons like pop-up features, glitter, and interactive parts. Turn greeting cards into a fun tradition you gift to your customers on an annual basis. The cards give everyone something to look forward to each season.

4. Promotional Boxes

If you want to send promotional items along with the mail piece, then consider promotional boxes. The small boxes look like a 3D brochure. When someone opens up to the middle, a small opening is left to fit promotional USB drives, pens, office supplies, or other small gifts you want to include.

Instead of just sending the gift itself, the promotional box allows you to promote your brand, services, and detailed promotions.

Use your budget to plan out mail pieces that will impact the customers the most and help your business thrive in the long run.

For additional information or ideas, contact a mail printing service in your area.


21 July 2022

Printing Services for Home Businesses

Starting my own business from home has been a challenging task. Although I'm working from my home, I wanted my business cards, flyers, brochures, and other promotional materials to appear every bit as professional as those you would find at a company located in a large expensive office. My home printer just wasn't up to the task, so instead I found a printing company that offered great deals for small orders like mine. You may think that printing companies are only cost-effective for large businesses with large orders, but there are those out there that cater to the small home businesses as well. I started this blog to discuss the ways that you can make your business stand out with the right printing services and printed products.