Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Printing Order


Whether you feel the need to have a large order of prints made for your business or for your own personal use, you are going to want to sure that you are doing what you can to get the best results. To help you do just that, you will want to take a few moments to review the following tips. Ask For High Gloss If you are having photos printed, then you might want to ask for the high gloss photo paper.

10 December 2015

Tips For Designing Your Business's Car Magnets So They Stand Out


If you have decided to expand your business's advertising to include car magnets for your vehicles, you may wonder where to start when designing them. If so, use the following tips to make them stand out as your drive down the road. Choose A Background That Contrasts With Your Vehicle's Color The first thing you want to decide on is the color of your magnet's background. When making your choice, consider the color of your vehicle.

20 October 2015

3 Tips For Choosing The Right Paper For Your Resume


Finding employment can be difficult. With many workers competing for a limited number of open positions, you want to ensure that you make a positive first impression. The first interaction a potential employer will have with you is when he or she reads through your resume. Selecting the right paper can help ensure your resume impresses a potential employer. Here are three tips to keep in mind when selecting paper to have your resume printed on in the future.

31 August 2015

3 Unusual Brochure Design Ideas


Creating an effective brochure is an important part of making sure that your potential customers have the information that they need to make an intelligent decision about your products or services. However, making sure that potential customers pay attention to your brochure can be more difficult than you think due to the large number of companies that are using this marketing technique. In order to make sure that you increase the efficiency of your brochure, you need to make sure that it stands out from the crowd.

13 May 2015