3 Unusual Brochure Design Ideas


Creating an effective brochure is an important part of making sure that your potential customers have the information that they need to make an intelligent decision about your products or services. However, making sure that potential customers pay attention to your brochure can be more difficult than you think due to the large number of companies that are using this marketing technique. In order to make sure that you increase the efficiency of your brochure, you need to make sure that it stands out from the crowd. Here are three ideas that manage to do exactly that.

1. Make it a Picture-Heavy Book

One option is for you to literally make your brochure a book that relies more on pictures than words to make a point. Many brochure professionals will give the advice that you need to show, not tell. You need to show your potential customer why they might want or need your product. The best way to do this is through a picture brochure that draws inspiration from fashion magazines.

You can utilize the format of a picture, followed by a short quote or caption, for almost anything. If you are selling welding services, you can have a dynamic picture of a person welding with sparks flying, and then include a quote about how strong your welds are. If you're providing senior health care services, show pictures of seniors with their loved ones and have a quote about the importance of being social for seniors.

2. Include Tech

If you're going to send out a brochure, you might already be behind those utilizing Internet marketing companies because they are able to utilize technology to make sure that they reach a younger crowd. However, it's possible to reach both generations, those that value print marketing materials and those that value Internet marketing materials, by providing flash drives or compact discs with a digital brochure or QED codes that people can scan with their smartphones to bring up your website.

3. Make it Pocket-Sized

Create a brochure design that is small enough to fit inside of a person's pocket, but can unfold to provide all of the information that you which to impart. This is critical because it will allow people to carry the information with them and refer to it as needed.

For more marketing ideas, check it out by talking to your local company that provides print services. They will be sure to have a wealth of examples of brochures that worked and brochures that didn't.


13 May 2015

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