Tips For Designing Your Business's Car Magnets So They Stand Out


If you have decided to expand your business's advertising to include car magnets for your vehicles, you may wonder where to start when designing them. If so, use the following tips to make them stand out as your drive down the road.

Choose A Background That Contrasts With Your Vehicle's Color

The first thing you want to decide on is the color of your magnet's background. When making your choice, consider the color of your vehicle. You will want a background that will contrast with its paint, or else it will blend in and could potentially go unnoticed by other drivers.

For example, if your vehicle is white, choose a dark color such as black or navy blue. Or, if you have a dark interior color, you can coordinate the magnet's background with its hue, such as maroon against the white background that will tie into your car's color scheme.

However, if you have a black vehicle, choose a light color to contrast with its darker tone. White gives the most contrast, but a light blue or yellow can also pop out enough to be noticed by others.

Make Your Text And Logo Color Stand Out

Once you have selected a background color, your next step is to choose the color for your text and business logo. Just like the background color, the printing should contrast enough with the background so it is easier see. You do not want to have hues that closely match the background, causing potential customers to squint to see the writing.

For example, if you decided to go with a white background for your black car, do not choose light yellow for the text or logo. While the yellow appears bright indoors, it would fade against the white background when another driver is trying to look at it in the sunlight or far away.

Instead of yellow, you may want to go with a dark navy blue or even black. The more the contrast between the background and the lettering, the more easily others driving will see it in traffic. This could turn them into potential customers.

The tips above can give you a starting point for designing your car magnets. If you have any questions or need more ideas, you may want to consult with your printing service's representative so you can come up with a design that will pop out and be noticed.

For more information, contact Total Reproductions Inc or a similar company.


20 October 2015

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