Using Pre-Printed Cards For Your Business's New Membership Program


There are many businesses that may run membership programs as either a core way of generating revenue or as a loyalty program for customers. When you are considering starting one of these programs for your business, you might want to use pre-printed membership cards as a way to effectively manage this program.

Will The Cards Have Numbers Or Other Forms Of Verification?

As part of administering your membership program, you will need to be able to check the status of the member cards that are presented. To this end, pre-printed card manufacturers will provide their customers with the option of having either a bar code, magnetic strip or customer number printed on the cards. This will allow you to easily integrate these cards into your existing infrastructure. When deciding on an option for your business, make sure to put ample thought into this choice as there can be significant costs and disruptions to your customers if you switch systems in the future. This will be due to the need to issue new membership cards and to create a plan for serving customers that have outdated membership cards.

How Is Designing The Membership Card Handled?

Not surprisingly, businesses will want their membership cards to have a professional look to them. To this end, a professional quality design can be essential as this will be printed on each of the membership cards. While some enterprises may simply wish to use their logos, others may want an entirely new design created for their membership cards. For these businesses, many pre-printed card services can provide basic design services for customers for additional fees and processing time. If you are wanting to incorporate your existing logo into the new design for the cards, you should be prepared to provide the copies of your logo and a rough description of the look you envision.

Does It Matter Where You keep The Pre-Printed Membership Cards?

To ensure that your business always has enough pre-printed membership cards available to accommodate new sign-ups, you will need to keep a large number stored. While these cards will typically have fairly minimal storage requirements, there are some steps that should always be followed. In particular, pre-printed cards should be stored out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. Furthermore, those that have opted for cards with magnet strips will need to keep these cards away from devices that could demagnetize these cards. This will include keeping the cards away from electronics, magnets and wiring that carries high voltage as these could all weaken the magnetism of these cards if they are kept near them long enough.

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20 November 2018

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