Getting The Grandparents Photo Blankets This Year? Tips To Ensure The Best Results


If you're looking for the perfect gift for your kids to give to their grandparents this holiday season, it's time to start looking at custom photo blankets. Photo albums and scrapbooks are great, but photo blankets are even better. With a photo blanket, your kids' grandparents will be able to wrap themselves up in cherished memories. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your photo blankets.

Pick Photos That are Clear

When it comes to making the most of your photo blankets, you want to start with the perfect photos. The processing of the blanket will cause minor distortions. To avoid problems with the final product, it's important that you start with pictures that are crisp and clear. When using pictures of people, be sure to choose those that have a clear view of the faces. That way, the images on your blanket will be easy to see. It's also a good idea to edit the pictures you'll be using. Editing is beneficial for a couple of reasons. First, it will remove unwanted areas of the picture, such as background images that you don't want on your blanket. Second, editing will remove blemishes and issues with red eyes that could reduce the quality of the image during transfer.

Choose the Right Material

If you're going to be purchasing a photo blanket for the grandparents this year, be sure to choose the right material. The most common materials for photo blankets are plush fleece and standard fleece. If you want to make sure that the grandparents have the softest blanket possible, you'll want to go with the plush fleece. It's important to note that with plush, you'll lose a bit of the clarity with the pictures. That's because the plush material prevents a smooth transfer. If you want to make sure the clarity isn't lost, you'll want to choose the standard plush.

Make the Most of Your Space

When designing the photo collages for the blankets, make sure you take advantage of all the available space. Many people make the mistake of choosing photos for only one side of the blanket. Unfortunately, that leaves the other side completely blank. Make the most of the space you have available, by designing a collage for both sides of the blanket. That way, the grandparents will be able to enjoy photos of the grandchildren regardless of which side of the blanket they're looking at.


13 September 2018

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