Copiers: Good Care For Long Performance


The copiers that duplicate documents in your office are rarely the focus of attention for the people who use them. Sustained performance of these machines ensures your staff and clients have the documents they require and can continue with their work and activities. Therefore, consciously dedicating time and action to copier care is just good business. Allow these machines to keep performing with these suggestions.

Read the Manual

Often, manuals for machines that are in common use are ignored. If you've been using copy machines since you were a young child, you may not think a manual is of much use. However, having such a document offers guidelines for how to use your copiers if you'd like them to perform at their optimal level. Information on appropriate paper, paper loading, toner and troubleshooting can enhance your knowledge of this equipment.

If your copiers have been in your facility seemingly forever and no one can track down this documentation, most manufacturers provide online versions for anyone to see and print.

Handle Jams Right

Paper jams are known by everyone to be a part of having copy machines. Many people attempt to quickly yank out jammed paper; this usually causes tearing instead, sending shreds and remnants into hard to access parts of the machine. Those shreds contribute to buildup that could be contributing to jams in the first place. Instead, follow directions onscreen exactly and slowly operate drawers and paper until the problem is fixed. To avoid jams, ensure paper isn't curling and that feeder rolls and trays are wiped with cloths.

Use Good Paper

The paper you're putting into copier trays can affect how well your machines perform. Many business owners try to trim costs with cheap paper, but cheap paper can be more affected by humidity, which could cause ripples and curling that makes jams more likely. If you put tons of thick paper into the tray when the copier isn't suited to that thickness, that could turn out to be problematic. Refer to manuals about the thickness and type of paper to use.

Seek Professional Help

Without knowing too much about the parts that make up a copier machine, you have little or no information about how long certain parts will last or how often certain pieces have to be replaced. In addition, you might not understand how worn down some parts are right now. Machine manufacturers and vendors provide expertise crucial to good performance of your machines. Professional help is also needed for the cleaning of specific components such as internal lenses. Contact companies like High Sierra Business Systems for more information.

Well-performing copiers are your responsibility if you want a smooth-running facility. Discussing paper and copiers with others can ensure that everyone is working to keep the machines clean and functional.


18 January 2018

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