Receiving A UPS Package When You Aren't Home


Receiving packages can be difficult if you are not home. Often, the delivery service may need to resend the package several times before it can finally go through. If this is a problem, there are many tricks that you can use to make sure that your package is received.

Calling UPS

If you are able to pick the package up, you can call UPS. Then, you will be able to arrange a delivery. Another option is to arrange to have the package picked up. You may need to wait at the facility until the package is retrieved. If you are not able to pick up your package, it will remain at the facility for awhile and will then be sent back to the sender. If you need to get someone on the phone and you continue to receive an automated message, press # and you are more likely to receive an actual person.

Private Mailboxes 

One option is to get a P.O. box that provides an actual street address and will allow you to receive packages. This is a feature that can be opted into for free. Simply make sure that a "suite" or "apt" is not used in front of the box number. However, not all post offices offer this feature. However, one of the questions is whether you will be provided with 24 access to your package. Obtaining a private mailbox may be preferable because you may be allowed 24 hour access even if it is more expensive.

Community Boxes

Another solution is a community buffer box. There are some communities that offer boxes inside which packages can be placed. Then, these packages can only be retrieved with a tracking number and a driver's ID number. This will only work for packages that are small enough to fit. Some apartment communities already have boxes that are opened with a key. The key is simply placed inside your mailbox, allowing you to open the box and retrieve the package. The key becomes stuck once the box has been opened in order to prevent the key being stolen. 

Finding an effective way to receive a package is more important now than ever. We receive packages more than in the past due to the rise of online shopping. Failing to receive a package can be expensive and can also delay the use of the item being received. But these options can certainly help.


14 July 2017

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