Tips To Make Your Next Trade Show A Success


Trade shows are your company's chance to stand out from the crowd and really connect with your clientele. The following tips will help you achieve just this in a successful manner.

Tip #1: Use props

Props can drive interest towards your trade booth. For example, if you specialize in gutter leaf control systems, have a small model of your system in action, including running water, for booth visitors to check out. A packaging company should have plenty of examples of their boxes and bags on hand. Not only do props draw in attention as people walk past, they also keep them at the booth a little longer. This increased contact time helps lead to sales.

Tip #2: Have freebies

The point of a trade show is to generate leads. While the best leads are any contacts and numbers your employees can collect, don't overlook the power of leads that can come in as customers later call you. This means that you need to get your name and number in their hands. Unless there is high interest, business cards often get tossed or filed away after a show. Freebie items are more likely to be used. A customer is more likely to think about your business if they are writing with your pen or using your notepad day after day.

Tip #3: Use a uniform

Even businesses that don't typically have a uniform need to consider one for a trade show. Even a simple uniform will ensure booth visitors can recognize your staff so that they know who to approach with questions. Simple matching company t-shirts work well. For a more polished look, opt for polo shirts. You can have your name and logo either embroidered on or you can have it screen printed on the front and back of the t-shirt. When picking out the shirts, choose a color that contrasts with your booth's display items. For example, if most of your set-up is in shades of blue, opt for red shirts so that your booth staffers really stand out. Contact a local outlet, such as The Edge Screen Studio, for further assistance.

Tip #4: Set staff expectations

It's best to use regular staff for a show when possible, as opposed to temporary staff since your regular workers are more invested in the company. Remind them to be on their best behavior since they will be wearing your logo on their t-shirt – which means that they are a constant reflection upon your business. Staff needs to be fully trained on your company's products and price list so they can answer any questions. It's also a good idea to pick your most outgoing staff members to work the booth since they will have an easier time speaking up and reaching out to people as they walk by.


8 July 2016

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